When you think of sports team travel, you probably picture those big yellow school buses. While these are big enough to tow the entire team, there are some great alternatives if your sports league or team is trying to save a little extra cash. Renting a minibus from Carl’s Van Rentals will also get you, your team, and your gear where it needs to go. But there are so many other reasons to rent one of our minibusses over a traditional school bus, and here are the top three.

3 Reasons to Rent a Minibus for Sports Teams

1. Better Seating

Unlike regular school bus seating, our minibusses have comfortable, individual seats that give your players a more relaxing ride. When your players are more relaxed during their travels, they’re more likely to perform better. Instead of sharing seats and being cramped on a school bus, they’ll be able to stretch their legs and enjoy a seat all to themselves. Furthermore, individual seating is perfect for preparing for the game mentally by eliminating fellow seatmates and distractions.

2. Safety

Getting the players safely to and from their sporting events is part of the responsibility of a coach. Minibusses are safer than larger school buses, making them a no-brainer option for travel. Not only do our minibusses have seatbelts for each seat, but they also have advanced safety features and airbags. School buses do not have those things. 

3. Drivability

Unlike school buses that require special licensing, which is just another person to pay, minibusses don’t require that. With our 15-passenger van, you do not need to obtain a special license or certificate to operate, giving you ultimate drivability and flexibility. Rather than trying to find someone capable of driving your team around, the coach, a parent, or even an assistant coach can tow the team around. 

Get Your Team to Their Next Match

If you’ve got a big game or match coming up and you want your players to be ready, then book your minibus rental with Carl’s Van Rentals today. Even if you’re traveling out of Jacksonville, FL, it’s not a problem! We make renting from us for extended periods a breeze. We even have 15-passenger vans, Sprinter vans, and minivans that player parents or support staff can rent as well. Have questions? Then give us a call at (904) 727-3848 and request a quote.