Sometimes, a move doesn’t require a full-blown moving truck. This might include moving a child off to college or moving grandma into your in-law quarters. These types of moves are the perfect job for the cargo vans from Carl’s Van Rentals. Our cargo vans are less expensive than a moving company, and we make it easy for you to rent one for the length of time you need. While you can try to get your move done with your own vehicle or a pickup truck, nothing beats a cargo van. Here are several reasons you should consider renting one.

3 Reasons a Cargo Van is Perfect for a Small Move

1. Easier to Maneuver

Big, bulky moving trucks are hard to maneuver, especially into driveways or smaller city side streets. That’s what makes renting a cargo van so appealing. These moving vans are easier to get in and out of spaces, and can even help get you closer to the door when moving in or out. Additionally, you can pack cargo vans rather tightly and still not have to worry about things shifting when you take a turn. Side and rear access also makes it easier to maneuver your bigger furniture pieces and stack boxes. 

2. Cheaper to Rent

There’s no arguing that renting a big moving truck for a small move can cost you. You may find that you didn’t need all the space you rented, and you wasted money on gas. Additionally, renting a cargo van for a week is a lot cheaper than renting a moving truck for the same amount of time. Moving is already an expensive adventure, so saving money where you can is important. 

3. Enclosed Space

Unlike pickup trucks, cargo vans are enclosed, which means you won’t have to worry about things flying out the back or getting rained on. This feature can be extremely beneficial if you’re using cardboard boxes or are moving your mattress to your new place. Soggy boxes are difficult to handle, and a wet mattress can take days to dry out. So, save yourself the hassle and the headaches by packing everything you own into a cargo van. 

Reserve Your Van Rental 

Do you have a small move coming up and want a reliable and budget-friendly option? Then check out the cargo vans from Carl’s Van Rentals in Jacksonville, FL. We have locations around the state, so no matter where you’re going, you can easily return your van when you’re done. We also have a wide range of minivans, Sprinter vans, and passenger vans to choose from. Reserve your van rental with us online or call today at (904) 727-3848