Florida is packed to the gills with sunny cities that boast world-class attractions, like Orlando and Miami. But even places that are less frequented by visitors are worth spending a little more time in. Jacksonville, although sometimes overlooked as a pit stop on the way to places farther south, definitely has plenty of cultural and natural gems to draw you in for a closer look. And when you need cheap transportation for a group, check out the great prices for van rentals at Carl’s Van Rentals. Here are a few must-see hidden jewels that are waiting for you in Jacksonville. 

Take Your Jacksonville Van Rental to Visit Bonehead Beach


1. Treaty Oak

Interested in trees? Jacksonville’s Treaty Oak dates back to 1822. This 200-year-old tree is believed to be the oldest live oak tree in Jacksonville, and dates from the city’s beginning. The story goes that the tree was threatened with removal as Jacksonville grew, so a journalist circulated a fictitious story that a peace treaty was signed under its canopy. The tree was protected, and the name stuck. You can walk all around it at Jessie Ball Dupont Park. 

2. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Visitors to Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens get to have unique, up-close-and-personal experiences with a wide range of animals, from feeding giraffes to touching manta rays. Group visits of the gardens can be scheduled, and there are lots of extra activities available. Check out the zoo’s website for updated information. 

3. Big Talbot State Park

The closest beaches of Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach tend to be pretty crowded. When you want to escape the crowds, drive north to Big Talbot Island State Park. The island is the perfect place to go bird watching, practice your photography skills, and kayak along the coast. You’ll pay a small fee for vehicle entry and for using the fishing pier, trailhead, and picnic area. Be sure to check out Boneyard Beach, where giant uprooted trees and driftwood that resemble an elephant graveyard sit nestled in the sand. 

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Source: TravelAwaits.com