You don’t have to go home broke after a trip to Miami, FL. For starters, reserve a reliable and affordable minivan rental from us at Carl’s Van Rentals. We even offer regular rental specials on top of our already competitive rates. But after you hop in your minivan, here are a few ways you can explore the city without spending all your cash.

1. Enjoy a day at South Beach.

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photo credit: South Beach, Miami via photopin (license)

You can’t come to Miami without spending some time at the famous South Beach. Enjoy the sun and the surf, or take a drive and do some people watching at an outdoor cafe. During the evening, you may spend a few extra bucks to enjoy the hustling nightlife that South Beach has to offer.

2. Cruise down Ocean Drive.

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photo credit: Blocks Pizza Deli / Cameo / Osteria del Teatro @ Miami Beach, FL via photopin (license)

If you want to get a taste of what Miami was like between the 1920s and 1940s, Ocean Drive is the place to be, with more than 800 buildings from that era. Hop in your minivan and take a nice, slow cruise down Ocean Drive to check out the art deco buildings. You may even want to park for a while and take a walk to get a longer look.

3. Swim in the Venetian Pool.

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photo credit: Venetian Pool Polarizada ótica e digitalmente. via photopin (license)

While this water experience costs between $8 and $13, you will not want to miss swimming in the Venetian Pool at Coral Gables. Once a rock quarry, the spring-fed Venetian Pool is now one of the most beautiful places to swim in the U.S. The pool stays busy (avoid weekends if you can), but you will not regret an afternoon of swimming at the Venetian Pool.

Miami is full of fun, fascinating things to do. To start exploring, contact Carl’s of Miami today at (954) 525-8008 to reserve your van rental. In addition to minivans, we also carry passenger van rentals and Sprinter van rentals, depending on your group’s needs.