When you’re on the hunt for the right rental for your family’s Fort Lauderdale, FL, trip, it can be hard to choose among all your options. Thankfully, you’ve got reliable choices with the SUV rentals from Carl’s Van Rentals. Our SUVs have plenty of legroom for even the tallest passengers, so you know you can’t go wrong with one of these rentals. Additionally, here are three other benefits to renting an SUV for your next family trip.

3 Benefits of an SUV Rental

1. Towing Capabilities

Exploring Florida is all about getting outdoors and making use of jet skis, boats, kayaks, and other watercraft. So, you’ll need a vehicle that can easily tow the extra equipment. Or, if you need an extra luggage trailer or are using a UHaul trailer to move across town, our SUV rentals are more than capable. 

2. Spaciousness

SUVs are spacious, offering plenty of room for passengers, luggage, and even shopping bags. Our vehicles offer seating for seven and can accommodate up to four suitcases in the cargo area. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of room between seats for a cooler or for all of your beach gear without making anyone feel cramped. 

3. Fuel Efficiency

If you don’t want to sacrifice luxury and room for great gas mileage, then an SUV rental is the perfect rental option. SUVs are great on gas, whether you’re scooting around town or traveling down the highway. The less you have to spend at the pump, the more you can spend on fun activities while on vacation.

Reserve Your Rental Today

Whether you need an SUV, minivan, or 12-passenger van, Carl’s Van Rentals has you covered. Our lots throughout the state of Florida are full of great options, no matter what your need is. So, give us a call at (800) 565-5211 and get an instant quote today.