Carl’s Van Rentals has been satisfying van rental needs in Florida for over 15 years. A family owned and operated business, Carl’s specializes in providing superior customer service and maintaining each passenger van to the highest quality, meeting everyone’s transportation needs. In order to meet all of your group travel needs we offer a first-class 11-passenger van rental. Contact us at (800) 565-5211 or request a reservation today.


11-Passenger Van Rental
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Seating Capacity: 11 • Luggage Capacity: 6-11 • 4 Doors • Automatic Transmission • AM/FM w/ CD Player • Dual A/C • V8 Engine • Towing Option Available on This Vehicle!

Reserving an 11-person van from Carl’s Van Rentals is the perfect solution to your transportation needs. With room for 11 people, as well as the additional capacity for 6-11 pieces of luggage, you will have the space and comfort required for a long trip. The dual air conditioning and automatic transmission you will allow you relax and enjoy the Florida weather in peace. The 11-passenger van rental also features an AM/FM stereo along with a CD player.

We all know that half the fun of a trip is getting there, with room for up to 11, you will be able to enjoy the company of everyone in your group for the entire trip. Contrary to popular belief, you will also save money when traveling in a 11-passenger van rental rather then paying for gas in several smaller vehicles. Reserving a passenger van has a number of additional advantages as opposed to caravanning numerous smaller vehicles as well.

Advantages to Using an 11-Person Rental Van

  1. Traveling together in a large vehicle decreases the amount of gas you would have consumed had you taken separate vehicles, making it cost-effective and eco-friendly.
  2. Banding together also saves time. Often while driving in a caravan, a vehicle will get lost or stuck at a red light; with a large rental van this is no longer an issue.
  3. Using a rental allows for your personal car to avoid the wear of a road trip.

Check Out Our Large Selection

Carl’s has a wide selection of 11-passenger van rentals to choose from at numerous locations throughout the state. Whether you are searching for a cargo van rental to help you move large items or a minivan rental to bring your child to their next soccer meet, we’re sure to have the perfect fit for your individual needs. All of our vehicles are newer models and have been designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Along with our 11-passenger van rentals, Carl’s also specializes in 8 passenger vans as well as larger models like a 15 passenger van.

Choosing a vehicle from Carl’s will deliver the safety, comfort and reliability that one would expect from a personal automobile. Our first-class vehicles are available throughout Florida, including Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville. Contact us today at (800) 565-5211 to learn more about any of our options and services or to request a reservation.