This summer there are a number of exciting activities happening in Tampa, Florida. One of those being Art on 19th Street, this interactive art festival takes place at the Singing Stone Gallery and Studio the first Saturday of every month. The event features three jewelry-sculpting artist, Leigh Rive, Sarah Phillips and Dan Balk.

The Singing Stone Gallery & Studio is family owned and operated, regularly displaying the artwork of the three artists that will be featured during Art on 19th Street. One of the featured artists, Dan Balk, is the co-owner of the gallery. His artwork specialty is in sterling silver jewelry.  He handcrafts the jewelry through a lost wax casting method, which is renowned as one of the best ways of capturing exquisite detail in sterling silver and other metals.

Sarah Philips and Leigh Rive also present their masterpieces during the event and even take requests for specific work that is desired. Sarah Philips juxtaposes different metals alongside semiprecious stones in strikingly unique jewelry. Leigh Rive mixes punk style into her jewelry with recycled items to make truly eclectic pieces. Owning one of these custom designs can be the perfect addition to your personal art or jewelry collection. 

This unique festival is perfect for the whole family, so load up a passenger van rental and head on over to the Art on 19th Street festival. The live demonstrations are sure to entrance all the members of your group. If you live in the Tampa area and are interested in the process of making jewelry, this is something you won’t want to miss! You can participate at Singing Stone Gallery & Studio’s basic jewelry making class called Silversmithing 101. This class will teach you the basics of crafting gold and silver into pieces of art and is taught by an experiences craftsman.

The Singing Stone Gallery & Studio even hosts a Handmade in America exhibition series. This event will highlight numerous American artists and their art mediums. Everything from jewelry, photography, painting, glass, fiber, wood, ceramic, metal, and mixed media will be exhibited. This series will run all the way through August.

This event is not only great for the family, but also perfect for group outings like Girl Scout trips, art clubs and day camps. If you are planning on bringing a large audience contact Carl’s Van Rentals in Tampa and reserve a passenger van rental. Carl’s Van Rentals offers everything from 7 passenger minivan rentals to 15 passenger van rentals. They even have a 7 passenger van rental that is wheelchair accessible because no one should have to miss a group activity like the Art on 19th Street festival. Contact Carl’s Van Rentals by calling 800-565-5211 today!