Carl’s Van Rentals strives to provide easy and affordable rentals throughout the state of Florida. One of the ways we do this is by having several physical locations, as well as offering van rental delivery with our one way van rental option. Our customers range from out of town guests on spring break, to local families reserving a minivan rental for a sporting event. We even offer a cargo van to help make your moving experience quick and efficient. We understand there is a lot to see in Florida which is why we serve so many areas. No matter where you’re visiting in the state, we’re nearby with a rental for you. Contact us today to ask about our options, or request a reservation online.


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Besides having several locations, there are a number of advantages to doing business with Carl’s. Some of these advantages include the following:

  • Affordable van rental prices: If you are looking for cheap van rentals, Carl’s  offers the most competitive prices. You can also check out our specials page to see if you’re eligible for any deals.
  • Cost efficient travel: When you rent a large vehicle, you are saving money by reducing the amount of gas needed for travel. Contrary to popular belief, reserving a van limits the number of trips made, thus using less gas per trip.
  • Eco-friendly: Going green may not be your number one goal when traveling, however by reducing the amount of gas needed you are inadvertently making any trip more eco-friendly. You can rent three cars to carry 15 passengers, or you can rent a passenger van that comfortably fits everyone in one vehicle, which saves you money and takes extra cars off the road.
  • Driver flexibility: We do not charge underage fees. Meaning if you are a responsible young adult needing to rent a van, contact us today.
  • Easier travel: Having everyone in one place not only makes the trip more enjoyable, it also makes the trip easier. You won’t have to worry about one of the other cars in your group getting lost, or stuck behind a red light. This option is also ideal for when children outnumber the chaperones, keeping everyone in one place.
Not only does Carl’s offer a variety of passenger van rentals, we also offer cargo van rentals to help transport merchandise and trucks for moving larger items. Our large selection of automobiles includes the minivan, as well as 8 passenger, 11 passenger, 12 passenger, 15 passenger, and Sprinter vans. To reserve the van rental of your choice, contact us at today at 1-800-565-5211 or request a reservation online.